5 Effective Home Cleaning Tips

May 17, 2021 | General Cleaning Tips

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Airport Chem-Dry’s main goal is to make your home a healthier place. For that reason, we present you with these 5 home cleaning tips!


  1. Regularly Clean Countertops. Think about all that area that countertops take up. Besides being where food is prepared, countertops collect dirt, dust, and allergen particles floating in the air. When cleaning countertops of granite or tile, remember that it’s best to use a mild cleaner and preferably one that can refresh the sealer. Sealers can degrade over time and if they do, the stone beneath is very porous and can trap allergens within. Airport Chem-Dry offers granite renewal that can help keep your countertops clean and shiny!


  1. Keep Carpets and Rugs Clean. To improve the life and appearance of your carpet, vacuum your carpets and rugs weekly with a bagged vacuum. Try to find a vacuum that has either a HEPA filter or a microfiltration system to keep allergens at bay. Obviously, even regular vacuuming won’t keep stains, dirt, or pet dander from getting deep down in the carpet fibers. While these toxins are not usually visible to human eyes, they can still be the source of unpleasant health issues and allergy symptoms. 


The EPA recommends getting carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. In homes with pets and/or children, it recommends two or three times a year, with the help of a professional cleaning service, such as Airport Chem-Dry. Especially with pets, you’ll want to find a professional cleaning service that has an effective urine detection and removal process. 


  1. Furniture Gets Dirty Too. For most people, it’s easy to think about vacuuming and cleaning their carpets and rugs. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget about cleaning upholstery furniture, despite spending significant time every day on couches and chairs. This furniture collects dust, dirt, and allergens just like carpets. They can also hold pet dander, sweat, and spills. Between professional upholstery cleaning appointments, remember to vacuum your upholstered furniture as it’s just as important as carpets, particularly in high-traffic areas like family rooms. 


  1. Clean Trafficked Areas in Your Home. You know where they are – popular “hot spots” like doorknobs, toilet handles, faucets, and light switches. It’s often difficult to clean these spots as often as you should. But if you clean these spots as much as possible, you’ll go a long way toward minimizing the spread of allergens. 


  1. Use Doormats or Area Rugs in Entryways. Avoid dragging all the dirt and allergens from the outdoors into your living spaces. Doormats and area rugs do a great job of trapping these things at the door. Many would also suggest removing shoes at the door to keep a healthy, happy home.


We hope these tips help. We’re here to help you keep a healthy home. The next time you need your carpets or upholstery cleaned, call Airport Chem-Dry in Pittsburgh, PA! 

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