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Chem-Dry Carpet Protectant™


Did you know that factory-applied stain resistants on carpets can become less effective over time? That’s why we have developed Chem-Dry Protectants™, to revitalize the performance of your carpet and help protect it from future staining. Airport Chem-Dry in the Pittsburgh area is proud to offer this service so that you don’t need to worry about keeping your carpets clean!

PowerGuard Protectant™

Introducing the revolutionary PowerGuard Protectant™ from Chem-Dry. Incorporated with acid-dye resistors, this protectant provides incredible stain prevention and guards your carpets against spills and messes no matter what type of carpet you have–solution dyed or otherwise. Studies show that when mixed in with The Natural®, our patented formula outperforms any other protectants out there! At Chem-Dry, we only provide the highest quality products to ensure optimal protection for your carpets.

Repel Protectant™

With our revolutionary PowerGuard Protectant™, Chem-Dry offers superior stain prevention for any type of carpet. Our protectant is enhanced with acid-dye resistors to keep your carpets safe against spills and messes alike. Studies reveal that when combined with The Natural®, our patented formula outperforms all competitors’ products! We offer the highest quality protection possible at Chem-Dry so you can rest assured that we are offering only the very best in protecting your carpets from stains and damage.

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Wool Protectant™

Chem-Dry Wool Protectant™ is a fluorocarbon, water-based product specifically developed to enhance soil and stain repellency for wool carpets and rugs. Wool Protectant is used to form an invisible shield around each carpet fiber to resist soil and stains. The repellency provided will enable most liquid spills to be removed before staining can occur, keeping carpets cleaner, longer.

Stain-free carpets and rugs are just a few clicks away.

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