D.I.Y. Rug Cleaning – Don’t Do It!

Jan 12, 2024 | Area Rug Cleaning

Remember that perfect rug you spent ages choosing? Maybe it’s a family treasure or a trip souvenir. But is your DIY cleaning method putting its beauty and lifespan at risk? Proper cleaning is crucial for protecting your cherished rug, and Airport Chem-Dry is the Pittsburgh expert you can trust.

DIY Disaster: 5 Reasons to Ditch the Rug Roller:

  1. Dye Disaster: If you’re not sure which types of dyes are in your rug, using the wrong cleaner can cause it to run and bleed, ruining its beauty forever.
  2. Discoloration Drama: Harsh chemicals in store-bought cleaners can discolor delicate rugs, turning a simple stain into a bigger mess.
  3. Moisture Mayhem: Excess moisture invites mold and mildew, the worst enemies of oriental rugs, so soaking your rug to remove dirt and detergent should be avoided. 
  4. Fiber Fallout: Scrubbing delicate fibers can damage them, impacting their lifespan and beauty.
  5. Dirt Doesn’t Disappear: Gentle DIY methods often leave dirt and dust behind, reducing the rug’s appeal and causing further wear and tear.

Airport Chem-Dry: Your Rug’s Rescue Team:

Say goodbye to DIY risks! Our experts understand all types of rugs and personalize their care. We’ll analyze your rug in-home, identifying its construction and weave. Whether it’s synthetic or natural, our certified specialists will treat it with the respect it deserves.

Deep Clean or Gentle Touch: Depending on your rug’s needs, we offer both deep cleanings at our facility or gentle in-home care. Our gentle procedures remove dust, allergens, and dirt, preserving your rug’s vibrant colors and leaving it looking its best.

Don’t Risk Your Rug’s Future, Choose Airport Chem-Dry Today!

Skip the DIY stress and protect your cherished rug with Airport Chem-Dry’s expert care. Call us at (412) 262-2234 and discover how we can transform your Pittsburgh rug from a dusty relic to a sparkling masterpiece!

Remember: Airport Chem-Dry – where rugs come back to life!

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