5 Easy Interior Design Hacks To Spice Up Your Home

Jun 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

brown leather couch with black pillows

We get it. You’ve been at home for so long that you’ve noticed your area rug doesn’t quite accent your room the way you thought it would. Or perhaps you’re getting tired of the same old scenery and want to mix it up a bit. Although the words “interior design” might make some people nervous, we have 5 easy interior design hacks that will make you look like a pro in no time!

1. Bring in the green
Are the colors in a particular room dull? Do you need to spice up the atmosphere? Well look no further than planet earth. Add a stylish floor plant or a couple of succulents to not only freshen the air but add a touch of color as well. The color green is also known for being “calming” and can reduce anxiety. What more reasons do you need to add some mother nature to your home?

2. Search your local thrift store
No one wants to pay the big $$$ for new furniture. Have you checked your local thrift store? You’d be surprised by what you can find. Many interior design magazines incorporate vintage finds in their arrangements, and so should you! Thrift shopping is a great way to not break the bank but also find unique pieces for your home.

3. Use light to open space
Light can be a powerful tool. Just like in photography, light can create space that you didn’t know was there. Consider adding floor lamps to that dark corner in the room, or spice it up with a pair of lamps on those end tables. You’d be surprised by the difference a little light can make in a small room.

4. Pick a theme (color/style)
Sometimes things can look a little crowded and dysfunctional in a room. Did you decide on a style or just throw things together. A little introspection into how you design can go a long way. Check out examples of interior design that you’re interested in and then boot out anything that doesn’t match what you’re going for. Here are some simple examples of interior design themes.

5. Clean your carpet
It’s hard to notice changes occurring in something you see everyday right? Almost like when you exercise and can’t tell a difference day-to-day. The same goes for your carpet. It’s recommended that you clean your carpets every 12-18 months. When you’re not cleaning your carpet, dirt, grime, and allergens get buried in carpet (gross). Having a clean and healthy home can make all the difference in the world.

Interior design can be a fun challenge! Hopefully some of these hacks will help you as you Enjoy the journey and don’t forget to call Airport Chem-Dry today!

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