Pet Stains and Odors: The Challenges and How Chem-Dry Can Help

Aug 23, 2023 | Cleaning With Pets, Pet Urine Removal Treatment

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Pet Stains and Odors: The Challenges and How Chem-Dry Can Help

Pet accidents can be a frustrating and difficult problem to deal with. The stains and odors can be hard to remove, leaving your home feeling uncomfortable, unhealthy, and uninviting.

At Airport Chem-Dry, our carpet cleaners understand the challenges that pet stains and odors can present. That’s why we offer our Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®). This treatment combines our proven carpet cleaning process with a solution that targets the source of pet stains and odors, leaving your carpet looking and smelling fresh again.

Why Are Pet Stains and Odors So Difficult to Remove?

Pet urine contains enzymes and bacteria that can seep deep into carpet fibers, padding, and even subflooring. This makes it difficult to remove the stains and odors using traditional cleaning methods or store-bought carpet cleaners.

Steam cleaning can actually push the urine crystals deeper into the carpet, making the stain and odor worse. Other common methods, such as using baking soda or hydrogen peroxide, can also damage carpet fibers.

How Airport Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners Remove Pet Stains

The key to removing pet stains is to break down the chemical compounds that cause them. These compounds are often microscopic urine crystals that are embedded deep in the carpet fibers.

Our P.U.R.T.® process is specifically designed to target and break down these crystals. The first step is to use an ultraviolet light to find all of the pet stains. Once all of the stains have been identified, we use our Hot Carbonating Extraction process (HCE) to loosen the urine crystals from the carpet fibers.

The HCE process also removes any liquid that is worsening the stain’s appearance, and any dirt or other grime in the carpet. Finally, we apply our specialized P.U.R.T. product, which works over 24 to 36 hours to break down any remaining stain- and odor-causing matter.

This process is effective in removing even the most stubborn pet stains and odors. It is also safe for your carpet and your family.

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