Red Wine Stain Removal

Mar 11, 2019 | Uncategorized

wine spill

They say “don’t cry over spilt milk”, but that was milk not red wine. Whether it was a Valentine’s celebration gone wrong, or a late-night pick me up accident, red wine spills can result in tough stains. Airport Chem-Dry has superior carpet and upholstery cleaning process that will be sure to get out the toughest red wine stains.

For the best DIY results it is important to act quickly right after the spill has occurred. The faster you can get the stain out of the carpet the better. Immediately get a cloth and dab at the stained area. The cloth should begin to soak up the excess wine. Remember the key is to do it quickly and to dab, not rub, but dab.

After dabbing, the carpet should still be wet from the wine if it is not pour a small amount of water directly on top of the stained area. If it is still wet simply grab some table salt and pour it on the stain. This may seem counter-productive, but the salt should draw in the extra moisture from the carpet leaving less wine in the carpet. Give the salt time to work its magic. Wait a few hours or even overnight until the stained area is dry and the salt has soaked up the wine turning it slightly pink.

At this point it is safe to vacuum up the salt. Ta-da stain is gone. There are certain stains that are tough to get and may leave a light stain even after DIY methods. Airport Chem-Dry has local professionals trained to remove tough stains including red wine. Our friendly team will help remove all stains big or small, dark or light. There is no need to fret simply call Airport Chem-Dry to schedule a stain removal service.

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