Remember Carpet Cleaning in Your Spring Cleaning Routine

May 3, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

Spring has sprung! You’ve conquered clutter, scrubbed your oven to a shine, banished cobwebs from forgotten corners, and even purged unwanted items at a garage sale. You might think your spring cleaning crusade is complete – but hold on!

One crucial task remains: deep cleaning your carpets. Those trusty floor coverings have likely accumulated dust, dirt, and debris during the colder months. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the thought of tackling this solo! The good news is, you can (and definitely should) call in professional carpet cleaners in Pittsburgh. Let them handle this final spring cleaning hurdle, and then – hello summer vacation, you can relax with confidence!

Why Now’s the Right Time to Call the Carpet Cleaners

Sure, putting off a professional carpet cleaning might sound tempting. You’ve already put in the elbow grease to spruce up your home, and adding “carpet cleaning” to the to-do list might feel like one more chore. But here’s the thing: if your carpets haven’t been professionally cleaned recently, there are major benefits to scheduling an appointment before summer kicks in. Let’s dive in!

Healthier Carpets, Air, and Home

You’ve aced spring cleaning, but dirty carpets can undo all your hard work. Here’s the thing: carpets act like air filters, trapping dust, pollen, and grime tracked in on shoes and clothes. This keeps them from circulating in the air – a good thing! But carpets have a limited capacity. Without deep cleaning, trapped particles get released back into the air with every step. So long, clean air! This can worsen allergies, asthma, or other health issues, especially for family members with sensitivities.

Home Appearance

Let’s be honest, a clean home is a happy home, and health is always a top priority. But don’t forget about curb appeal – inside and out! You’ve worked hard to spruce up your space, so wouldn’t it be a shame if dingy carpets dragged down the whole aesthetic?

Deep cleaning breathes new life into your carpets, leaving them fresh, plush, and truly clean. You might be surprised by the hidden dirt lurking beneath the surface! Imagine the difference – a guest walks in and sees a sparkling home, not dull, smelly carpets that steal the shine from your spring cleaning efforts.

Carpet Longevity 

Think of your carpets as an investment. Most manufacturers recommend professional cleanings every six months, or every three months for pet owners, allergy sufferers, or families with little ones. Why? Dirt and grime act like sandpaper, gradually wearing down carpet fibers over time. Plus, the longer stains linger, the tougher they are to banish. Regular professional cleanings extend the lifespan of your carpets, saving you money in the long run. It’s a win-win – healthier carpets and a lighter wallet!

Prepare for Summer with Chem-Dry Professional Carpet Cleaners

Spring cleaning is almost a victory lap, but don’t forget the final hurdle – your carpets! Schedule a professional cleaning with Airport Chem-Dry before summer hits.

Got kids with summer plans and their friends in tow? Consider adding our stain-resistant treatment during the deep clean. This gives you precious extra time to tackle juice spills, art project mishaps, and other summer messes before they become permanent stains.

Imagine the peace of mind! Your family can relax and enjoy their free time, moving freely between indoors and outdoors without worry. Ready to conquer your last spring cleaning task? Call Airport Chem-Dry at (412) 262-2234 today! Our professional carpet cleaners in Pittsburgh are here to help your carpets – and your summer – shine!


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