Removing Spots and Stains with Chem-Dry’s World Famous Spot Remover

Jul 7, 2021 | Stain Removal

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Airport Chem-Dry has just made life much simpler for you. No longer do you need to be a chemist to care for your carpeting. Your protected carpet now allows you to quickly remove spills, spots, and stains with one simple process.

How To Use Our World Famous Spot Remover To Remove Stains

Liquid Spills and Stains

  1. Blot up all liquid spills immediately by putting a clean terry cloth or several layers of paper towels on the spot and then standing on it. This will force all the liquid into the towels. Repeat this process until the towels are no longer damp.
  2. Spray World Famous Spot Remover generously on the area and repeat the blotting technique one more time. This product removes any sticky residues that may cause the carpet to attract dirt.

Grease, Oil, Soil, and Other Stains

  1. Remove any loose materials with a butter knife or towel.
  2. Spray the area generously with World Famous Spot Remover and blot out with a clean terry cloth towel or white paper towels. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Our patented Spot Remover is the most effective spotter available. It is compatible with your Repel protection treatment and helps prevent re-soiling in your carpet. If you have any questions, or need more World-Famous Spot Remover, please call us.

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