This is Your Sign to Seal Your Tile & Stone

Oct 5, 2022 | Tile Cleaning

a tile surface

Tiles and stones are durable surfaces that can be found in homes around the world. From kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities, tiles provide an aesthetic touch while also preventing moisture damage from occurring below them. Tiled surfaces may seem simple but they’re anything but straightforward – knowing how important it is for you to seal your flooring and finding experienced tile cleaning professionals each year will ensure its longevity!


Why a Sealant is Worth the Work

So what is grout sealant and why is it important? Grout is a porous material that is used to fill in the spaces between tiles. While it is an effective and inexpensive way to complete a tiling job, it must be properly sealed in order to prevent dirt, mold, and bacteria from accumulating in the pores. A grout sealant creates an invisible barrier that prevents these unwanted contaminants from penetrating the surface. In addition, a grout sealant can also extend the life of your tiling by protecting it from stains and wear. As a result, sealing your grout is an important step in keeping your home clean and looking its best.


Give Extra Protection to High Traffic Areas

When you have beautiful tile in high-traffic areas, it’s important to take extra care of them. Especially in your bathroom, the moisture from everyday use can act as a breeding ground for mold and mildew which will ruin the look (and health) of your tiles – so don’t let that happen!

Maintain the quality and overall appearance of tile and stone in these ‘hotspots’ with a sealant so that your home can be the happiest and healthiest living environment possible. Why be so adamant about sealing?  When you seal dirty grout, stains develop that become near impossible to remove.

As a rule of thumb, reseal your grout once a year for high-traffic homes, and anytime it’s been deep cleaned, reseal it immediately. Do you have out-of-the-way, low-traffic rooms in your home? Make sure not to neglect these areas by resealing them every 4-5 years.


Tile is An Investment

Don’t you deserve to get as much out of it as you can—for as long as you can? Sometimes, regularly scheduled DIY maintenance isn’t enough. Sometimes, tile and/or stone deserve a professional, deep tile cleaning to improve its lifespan and allow you the peace of mind of a clean, safe house for you and your family.

Contact Airport Chem-Dry and leave the back-breaking work of making your tile look pristine to us with our tile cleaning service. Using specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment, Chem-Dry can blast the dirt and bacteria from your tile, grout, and stone, and restore your tile to a brand new look and feel.

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